mardi 29 juillet 2008

Vélorution à New York et Seattle

Des nouvelles de criticalmassmtl.
Critical Mass in the media: the good and the bad

Hi again everyone,

A couple of things I came across this morning:

On YES channel, which is apparently a sports channel dedicated to the Yankees (why not), a profile of Time's Up, a NYC advocacy group that's been closely involved with Critical Mass in that city. It's remarkably positive:

On the less happy side, there was violence at the last Critical Mass in Seattle.

Report from the Oregonian:
(with links to other reports)

Reaction and eyewitness accounts on the Seattle cycling community blog:

Some of you may recall a similar incident in San Francisco a couple of months back. I think this is a god reason to encourage a limited police presence at the Mass rides. It keeps things like this from happening in the first place, and if they do happen, we've got hte benefit of professional witnesses. I liked what happened during the ride in May - two officers on bicycles, riding with the group, and a van with no lights or sirens bringing up the rear.

Speaking of which, can anyone let me know how the last two rides have been?


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